At Gordon & Prince Family Dentistry we strive to provide your family with nothing but the best in dental care. What’s important to us?


We believe that integrity is a crucial value that enables us to be respectfully honest and responsive to the needs of our patients. We abide by the simple and basic principle of doing what is best for our patient at all times. We are committed to creating an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.


As your dental care provider, it is our responsibility to ensure that the treatment we deliver to you is the best available. We provide exceptional service for reasonable fees and strive to do it right the first time. We know your time is valuable and respect your time as we do ours.


We are fully aware that many patients are not fond of dental treatment. Our goal is to “earn” your trust and confidence over time. We have helped many patients overcome their fears through compassion, concern and considerate treatment.


We believe that God has provided redemption for all people through His Son, Jesus Christ, and that He provides support and guidance for believers through the Holy Spirit. We want to make sure that all we do in and through our practice honors him.


We believe that effective communication is essential for our continued success as a great place to work and an outstanding place to treat patients. We are committed to taking the time to help you understand any dental problems that you may have, and how these problems can affect your overall health. We believe that teamwork is the key to working effectively toward your dental treatment, being committed to giving 100% and to working collaboratively with shared responsibility and accountability as we work to help you achieve better health.


We have a slogan here: “We get to know the people behind the smiles”. We care as much about you as a person as we do your teeth. Many patients have expressed that they enjoy coming to the office just to see how everyone here is doing. We are fortunate to have many patients become “family” during their time as patients here. We treasure the relationships that have developed.


Life is too short not to have fun throughout the day. You will often hear laughter in our office. Please know that we are very serious about the quality of dentistry we provide, but please also know that we like to have fun while working with you. Over the years, we find that our patients consistently comment how much they enjoy the atmosphere in our office and how much they enjoy their time with us.