putting mouth guard into mouth
Night Guards In Holland, MI

Many patients are unaware they grind their teeth at night until it’s brought up by their dentist during a routine examination. Sometimes teeth grinding can be so loud that it wakes up your partner. If you suspect you’re grinding or clenching teeth at night, call our office as soon as possible. Our doctors will be able to create a custom night guard that fits comfortably.

Signs of Teeth Grinding:

  1. Worn tooth enamel
  2. Chipped or broken teeth
  3. Loose teeth
  4. Sensitive teeth
  5. Sore jaw, neck, or face
  6. Earache
  7. Temporal headaches

A night guard forms a protective barrier between your upper and lower jaw to assist in reprograming/relaxing muscles, reducing the amount of force you generate, and protecting your teeth from wear. We currently offer a convenient all digital workflow with in-house digital impressions and 3D printing for night guards.

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